Fuel Dispenseries Basicx

1 Serisi Tipi Açıklama
1.11 E elektronik 1 Ürün 1 Tabanca Emişli
1.12 E elektronik 1 Ürün 2 Tabanca Emişli
1.22 E elektronik 2 Ürün 2 Tabanca Emişli
1.24 E elektronik 2 Ürün 4 Tabanca Emişli
1.11 B elektronik 1 Ürün 1 Tabanca Basınçlı
1.12 B elektronik 1 Ürün 2 Tabanca Basınçlı
1.22 B elektronik 2 Ürün 2 Tabanca Basınçlı
1.24 B elektronik 2 Ürün 4 Tabanca Basınçlı

en_us.gif (18×12) General features


Durable case made of galvanized sheet

Full compatibility with automation, payment recorder systems

Pressurized or Suction Production

Operating at -30 / + 80 ° C and 95% relative humidity

± 0.5% accuracy


380 ACV / 50 Hz triphase or 220 ACV monophase

Ex-proof, 0.75 kW motor protected against overload


In all our pumps, we use pistons, positive displacement, precise adjustable meters with a sensitivity of + -0.0025 (Binde 2.5).


Our suction pumps have positive displacement rotary type, air separator, adjustable by-pass valve, integrated suction filter on the top, V-belt drive, centrifuges for 50/80/120 min.


In our pumps we also use 7 digits electromechanical totalizers in addition to 12 digits of liter, money, shift lite and shift money electronic totalizers.

Electronic Unit

Compatibility with CANBUS Technology

Ability to fuel from 2 pistols at the same time

USB port support

Programmable feature via card

RS485 or Current-loop Communication option

10 digit electronic total holding feature

4 Separate menu system (Tr, En, Fr, Ar)

Automatic Electronic Calibration (in Gram)

Compliance with the entire author in the market

Compatibility with Savel Multimedia Module

Ability to work with all automation systems

1-wire and 2-wire special communication system

Card Design in accordance with EMC Tests


Robust 16-Button Keypad


1 “(25.4 mm) height LCD display 6 digits of money, 6 digits of liters, 6 digits of unit price, another option is single screen.

Gun and Hose

3/4 “for normal pumps and 1” automatic aluminum body guns for high efficiency pumps. The nozzles are likewise 3/4 “or 1” in diameter. A 360 degree swivel joint is used to facilitate the use.


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